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China Advertising – Affiliate and PPC

New Channels for display and customer acquisition in China

The Chinese internet population grew by a staggering 17% in 2011 on the previous year and now stands at 535m adults, and yet relatively few western brands advertise in the region.


This is historically due to restrictions on the transfer of money out of China, however these restrictions have lessened considerably in the past 12 months.   To open this opportunity for clients we offer the following advertising channels:


Search Engine Advertising – Baidu

–  on a keyword match Pay Per Click (PPC) basis

–  on a keyword match Fixed position (CPM) basis


Display Advertising (Phoenix Nest Network)

– on a CPC and CPM basis

– includes sites such as Chinadaily.com, Eastmoney.com, fivip.com


Affiliate Advertising

– Placement of offers across a network of 300,000 sites

– Run on a CPL basis


We think the best way for new advertisers to approach this is on a test and learn basis whereby a small trial campaign is set up to see the initial response rates and to then adapt and learn from there.

Please give us a call if you would like to set up a test account.