i-river - search & advertising consultants

Digital Display - RTB & Programmatic

We plan and buy media across all display disciplines, with a particular focus on digital. Our in-depth knowledge and relationships with financial publications and networks allows us to secure media rates that most would find very hard to match.

As with every discipline, our recommendations emerge from a simple framework:

1. Outcomes Focused: what behavioural change are we seeking to affect, aligned to our business objectives?

2. Direct Display Audit: which direct placements can help us to achieve this outcome?

3. Ad Network Audit: which ad networks that we partner with can best help us to achieve this outcome?

4. Programmatic Audit: is there a place for the purchase of inventory via a programmatic demand side platform for the client?

5. Integrated Reporting: what is the overall impact of our activity and how can we accurately measure and attribute sales to specific digital activity (whether through on-click or viewable impressions)?