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High Net Worth Marketing

Reaching HNW Individuals

The current and next generation of wealthy individuals are the key consumers in the market for investments, stocks/shares, fixed income products and pension. We can provide a platform to engage with them now, so they may become clients later. Increasing the relevance  & performance of your online advertising.


The database is built from an unrivalled variety of privacy–compliant, public and Experian proprietary data and statistical models. These include the edited Electoral Roll, Council Tax property valuations, house sale prices, self reported lifestyle surveys and other compiled consumer data.


We can profile the past and present client customer database to a set of narrowly defined Experian Mosaic types and then fit this profile into the main UK digital networks so that only individuals with a high propensity  of take up of investment products are shown ads as they browse the internet.


A summary of types within the HNW category

Type A01 – Global Connections

Type A02 – Cultural Leadership

Type A03 – Corporate Chieftains

Type A04 – Golden Empty Nesters

Type A05 – Provincial Privilege

Type A06 – High Technologists

Type A07 – Semi-Rural Seclusion